Over last summer, I got into a new hobby with photography and cinematography. I also received some new gear with the iPhone 11 and its two new improved cameras as well as the DJI Osmo Mobile 3. With that I began taking photos of things around me that inspired certain perspectives and shapes. I think this hobby has really given me a greater appreciation of the things around me. I want to talk about my experiences creating and editing my first video.

Sun Peaks Trip

Over winter break, my family and I took a trip to Sun Peaks, British Columbia. This was the perfect time to try out my new gimbal and actually learn to use all the features of my gimbal. Going into this trip, I had the motivation and time to finally create a video.

Throughout this trip, I went outside around 6:30 am on one of the mornings while we were there and tried to capture the village and the sun-rise. It was cold, especially as I have became accustomed to Los Angeles sun, but the views and experience was definitely worth it. Through this process I had a greater appreciation for filmmakers as as audiences, we never appreciate the setup of the shot, in framing the scenes we want to capture.

Me, after a 30 minute climb to the very top of Sun Peaks.

Additionally, the views on top of the mountain were just too beautiful not to capture. Overall I documented as much as I could while still trying to enjoy the moment. It definitely grew tiresome trying to carry my gimbal and set up different shots, work that is often overlooked when viewing the final product. For example, I spent 30 minutes in below freezing temperatures to capture the end 5 second time lapse.


This was my first experience editing a video, and boy were there a lot of things to learn. There were so many things involved from choosing the background music, to putting the clips together to form something cohesive, to color correction. For each of these things I would watch multiple YouTube videos about related techniques and then how to actualize certain cuts in the software. For this video I used the free Davinci Resolve 16. Overall, I think I spent over 8 hours editing a 1 min clip. Nevertheless, I enjoyed each moment of it as I was able to express my own creative touches.


Creating this video was lots of fun and I hope to make more videos in the future documenting my travels and experiences. At the same time, I hope my cinematography and video editing skills will also improve as I gain more experience. I can definitely recognize all the hard work that goes into making the YouTube videos that entertain me for hours each day, and I hope to create equally inspiring videos in the future.

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