1. woz2023.png
    How Do Data Analysts Respond to AI Assistance? A Wizard-of-Oz Study
    Ken Gu , Madeleine Grunde-McLaughlin, Andrew M. McNutt, Jeffrey Heer, and Tim Althoff
    CHI 2024
  2. msr2023-2.png
    How Do Analysts Understand and Verify AI-Assisted Data Analyses?
    Ken Gu , Ruoxi Shang, Tim Althoff, Chenglong Wang, and Steven M. Drucker
    CHI 2024


  1. mdebugger_workflow2.png
    Understanding and Supporting Debugging Workflows in Multiverse Analysis
    Ken Gu , Eunice Jun, and Tim Althoff
    CHI 2023


  1. naccl2021.png
    A Package for Learning on Tabular and Text Data with Transformers
    Ken Gu , and Akshay Budhkar
    NAACL Workshop on Multimodal Artificial Intelligence 2021
    As of September 2023, the toolkit has been downloaded over 43,000 times!


  1. icml2020.png
    Bi-Level Graph Neural Networks for Drug-Drug Interaction Prediction
    Yunsheng Bai*, Ken Gu* , Yizhou Sun, and Wei Wang
    ICML Graph Representation and Beyond 2020
  2. aaai2020-2.png
    Learning-Based Efficient Graph Similarity Computation via Multi-Scale Convolutional Set Matching
    Yunsheng Bai, Haoyang Ding, Ken Gu , Yizhou Sun, and Wei Wang
    AAAI 2020


  1. ijcai2019.png
    Unsupervised Inductive Graph-Level Representation Learning via Graph-Graph Proximity
    Yunsheng Bai, Haoyang Ding, Yang Qiao, Agustin Marinovic, Ken Gu , and 3 more authors
    IJCAI 2019
  2. cell2019.gif
    Correlated Neural Activity and Encoding of Behavior across Brains of Socially Interacting Animals
    Lyle Kingsbury, Shan Huang, Jun Wang, Ken Gu , Peyman Golshani, and 2 more authors
    Cell 2019